1. The participants are required to print and bring their own posters (A1 size (59.4cm (W) X 84.1cm (H)) for display during the competition.
Evaluation Criteria
  1.  Each participant will be given 10 minutes to present their invention /innovation/design in English or Bahasa Malaysia to 2 appointed judges.
  2. The participants are advised to be ready at the respective booth at all time during the session.
  3. Judges will be appointed by the Secretariat to evaluate the invention/innovation/design of the participants.
  1. This competition is open to those participating as exhibitors of their inventions / innovations in PIID2019.
  2. An invention / innovation must be new unless substantial modifications have been done to it since it was first competed in any other award.
  3. An invention / innovation may be presented in the form of pro-series or commercial samples, already manufactured articles, prototypes, models, plans, drawings, photos and texts.
  4. A security service will operate during the whole period of the exhibition. However, the secretariat accepts no responsibility for loss, theft, damage due to fire or other cause to invention / innovation during the exhibition or in transit.
  5. By his formal application to participate in the award / competition, each inventor / innovator undertakes to ensure the delivery of his invention / innovation on competition day to allow it to remain on display during the whole exhibition. Any inventor / innovator withdrawing his invention / innovation before closure shall render himself liable to pay damages and shall forfeit any award given to him.
  6. The inventor / innovator or his representative is required to be at the exhibit at all times, throughout the exhibition. Failure to comply may cause the forfeiting of any award given to him.
  7. The decisions of the judges are final. Any complaints will not be entertained.